Virgin Coconut Oil for Skincare & Body Products

There are so many amazing ingredients we can use for skincare. One of our favorites is Virgin Coconut Oil.

Green image with grey designs & a full coconut, plus 3 halved coconuts. Image reads, "Virgin Coconut Oil for Skincare"

There are lots of reasons we love virgin coconut oil. It’s a minimally processed product, so it maintains as many of its natural benefits as possible. This only qualifies for VIRGIN coconut oil, not Refined, Bleached, Deodorized (RBD) Coconut. You’ll find Virgin Coconut Oil is a favorite for home cooks & chefs alike. Coconut oil is a fairly fast-melting ingredient, so it can be very quick to work with. It’s low melting point makes it a great 1-ingredient massage oil! Adding coconut oil to your skin by itself can both be moisturizing and protective. It can make your skin look and feel amazing to the touch!

Pile of Balms and Salves Tins

Alice uses Virgin Coconut Oil in her “First Body Balm” recipe from her Balms & Salves Video eClass. Find this recipe on page 5 of her PDF handouts that come with the eClass. She also uses it in her “Zinc Ointment” that you’ll find on page 14. If you don’t have access to Alice’s Video eClass yet, check it out now!

Alice has additional information about Virgin Coconut Oil in her Balms & Salves handouts: “This practically solid oil has the most delightful and exotic scent (that is if you like coconut!). It is a good massaging base, used pure for babies under 2 months. It has cooling and deeply hydrating properties.”

massage bars wrapped in foil

Alice isn’t the only one who loves to work with Virgin Coconut Oil. Lori includes Virgin Coconut Oil in her Solid Butters: Massage Bars Recipe from page 25 of the handouts that are included in her Body Butters Video eClass. She embraces the scent and combines it with the additionally strong-smelling Cocoa Butter for a coconut-cocoa scent.

Do you love using Virgin Coconut Oil? What are your favorite recipes that show it off the best?

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