The Ordinary Buffet Copper Peptides 1%

ordinary buffet copper peptides

Available at the price tag of Rs 2800, Ordinary Buffet Copper Peptides is an expensive face serum that comes in a regular dark glass bottle with a dropper. Unscrew and squeeze the dropper to reveal an appealing watery blue serum. Needless to mention I love the color.

Before I start my review, let me clarify that it has been years for me since I followed a proper skin care routine so this is one of the few products I have tried in a long time. I have been using this product in Delhi from October 2022 to January 2023, sometimes intermittently and sometimes regularly. My review is based solely on how my skin did after this long hiatus and when it is not coupled with any other products. I have a combination that varies from oily to dry but since it is peak winter now, my skin is definitely dry.

The Ordinary has been more of a hit-or-miss with me. I have used its Marine Hyaluronics which I like but not really a fan of the Squalene Oil. I have used a couple of other products like salicylic acid face wash but did not talk about them on the blog.

ordinary buffet copper peptides

The serum spreads easily and does not drip down. In one go, I usually take an entire dropper full of the product but 5-8 drops should be enough for any skin type. Though the serum is watery enough, it dries off pretty quickly.

The serum alone was enough to keep the skin moisturized in the earlier months of October and November but it needs another layer now. I am currently using one of Kiehl’s moisturizers which I quite like.

Overall, if I have to recommend Ordinary Buffet Copper Peptides, I would say no. It did not do anything for my skin that I would expect from a serum, especially after all the negligence my skin has suffered. This was disappointing especially since Ordinary Buffet comes with quite a lot of rave reviews.

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