6 Boycut Hairstyles for Low-Maintenance High-Fashion

If short-hair ideas make you sit up and listen, the boycut hairstyles trend is about to make your year. Let’s break down why we love it:

1. Boycuts look ‘done’ with very little styling
2. They can be dressed up or down
3. Versatility is queen: the boycut is an umbrella name for lots of different styles you can choose from

This trend isn’t only for the short-haired alumni though; there’s plenty of boycuts to try if you’re going for your first daring chop. Here’s Andy Heasman, Rush’s International Creative Director, to show us some of his favourites:

“Feeling adventurous? The right boycut will look after itself; all you need is regular trims and advice from a good stylist to tell you what products to use .”

That’s where our Rush salon finder comes in. Now let’s cut to the chase…

An overcut, mullet boycut styled at Rush.1. Overcut mullet boycut

Some of us live to change our look and love to have the latest ‘do before it goes mainstream. If that’s you, melding four trends together will keep you feeling unique. Boycut, tick. Mullet, tick. Overcut, tick. Microfringe, TICK.

A contemporary flock-of-seagulls boycut styled at Rush.2. The 2023 Flock-of-Seagulls boycut

It’s hard to believe this ‘80s style would ever see a revival (just Google ‘Flock of Seagulls haircut’ and you’ll see why), but this isn’t the first time the 2020s have surprised us. You can forget the extreme wings and face-masking fringe. Instead, 2023’s seagull-inspired boycut is all about cropped layers, asymetric bangs and wax to build volume at the sides.

A bowl boycut for women, styled at Rush.3. The bowl boycut

A bowl or mushroom cut is softened with shorter layers on top and a graduating undercut which creates a tapered shape. Why not try this ‘do if your hair’s on the thicker side? It’ll feel much lighter than a shoulder length style and you’ll still get to show off the density you were blessed with; just opt for a blunt, full fringe.

A forward-combed feminine boycut with a side fringe.4. Sidesweeping pixie boycut

Take inspiration from Elsa Pataky, with a forward-combed pixie cut. One of the more feminine styles on our list, finer-stranded beauties will find that it lifts the hair by reducing weight. For a special occasion, this boycut can be slicked back for a wet-look finish.

A simple boycut for naturally wavy hair, styled at Rush.5. Boyband chic

This is the option for you if you’re after a simple, androgynous boycut that complements naturally textured, wavy hair. It looks effortlessly stylish, and if you’ve the right hair for it – your hairdresser can answer that – it will be effortless to style too.

A futuristic boycut with a retro finish.6. Sleek, futuristic boycut with a retro edge

For most of these boycuts we’re looking to the past for inspiration, but this style is distinctly futuristic. With its smooth finish and metallic balayage, hair around the ears is tapered into points reminiscent of the sideburns worn by mods. A brave choice sure, but undoubtably a cool one.

The possibilities are endless! Not sure boycuts tick all your boxes? Check out the most stylish cuts, colours and styles for 2023 next.

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