Spend Valentine’s Day IN LOVE…. with your skincare!

Spend Valentine's Day IN LOVE.... with your

Hi everybody!! Several of my favorite skincare companies are offering Valentine’s/Feb sales so I thought it might be useful to put the ones that are happening on products I already love – in one place. So here you go!


What: I love this brand. I have said it for years – they consistently produce amazing products at reasonable prices. My faves are the Universal Tinted Moisturizer, Needleless Serum and the Peptide Night Cream.

When: Going on right now until ?

Link: https://www.drmtlgy.com/?ref=3831425.7cc41f

Code: No code needed, they are running a bundle sale (buy 2 save 20%, buy 3 save 25%)


What: A flash sale is happening right now 30% off

When: Going on right now until ? (it’s flash so I am not sure!!)

Link: https://shop-links.co/ci7pCUTziY4

Code: HEART30


What: LightSalon is offering my community a discount on their Face and Body Duo Collection (collar + patch). To buy these separately, the cost would be $725 but they have an ongoing ‘Body Duo’ bundle that takes it down to $536. If you add this extra discount the price for the two of them goes to $482.40. This could make a really nice ‘one for me, one for her’ purchase – Mother’s Day isn’t far off!!

When: The entire month of February

Link: https://www.thelight-salon.com/products/the-face-and-body-duo

Code: Use code PennLoves10 for 10% off the LightSalon Face and Body Duo Collection (collar+patch). For all other LightSalon devices use code Penn25 for 25% off

Link to my existing content on the LightSalon Collar and Patch https://youtu.be/gQdZ1KeJMAo?t=504


What: I love my Dermalux – you’ll soon see more content about how this clinical-grade device is an amazing investment for home use.

When: now through end of day February

Link: US Link: https://go.shopmy.us/p-762871

UK LINK: https://go.shopmy.us/p-762746

Code: Use code PENNFLEX and receive $200 off

Link to my existing content on Dermalux: https://youtu.be/8QW-l5L_fk8


What: The ZiiP is not only a favorite of mine, but hands-down the favorite microcurent of my Facebook community. I’ve never seen a discount higher than 30%!!

When: Now through end of the day on February 14th

Link: https://bit.ly/3pPxy6p

Code: Get 30% off with code Penn

Link to my existing content on Ziip: https://youtu.be/5UIBwIQ5mIU


What: Free FACE mini with purchase of OS-01 BODY; Free OS-01 BODY mini with purchase of OS-01 FACE. This is available on single purchases (not on subscriptions.)

When: until the end of the day February 14th


Code: Penn15 gets you 15% off AND the mini of FACE or BODY

Link to my existing content on OneSkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq4FDAqSHS0


What: All items in stock- excludes virtual sets. The CC cream, concealer and loose powder are long-time favorites.

When: February 10th-14th

Link: https://howl.me/ci6FTEUp499

Code: Get 15% off with code FORYOU

Link to my existing content on Dermablend: https://youtu.be/JdCetSgytR8


What: This sale is exclusive to my community and is sitewide! I have recently discovered the Get Lifted Instant Face Lift Serum and the Redness Rehab Conceal and Correct and I have to say I am loving them both!!! I am really looking forward to trying more from the brand.

When: Now until February 28th

Link: https://howl.me/ci6Fu9GdYCg

Code: Penn20 saves 20%

Link to my existing content on Dermelect: https://youtu.be/02AzeZsv-RE


What: NEWA is launching a 20% discount on the devices and bundles only (not gels kits – they stay at the 10% discount). NEWA kindly lets consumers stack codes. So, if you click this link and use my code ‘Penn’ you’ll get their 20% off PLUS my additional 10% stacks on top. If you choose to wait until 14th February ** for one day** my code goes up to 20% off, also stackable!

When: February 9th-15th

Link: https://mynewa.com/product/renewa/ref/4/

Code: From Feb 9-Feb 13, use code Penn for 20% off plus my 10% stacks

On Feb 14th click this link and use code Penn20 for their 20% off plus my 20% will stack – but just for the 14th!

Link to my earlier content on NEWA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiL7hz3po9Y


What: Droplette is currently running a Valentine’s Day promotion for 50% off select devices (not on capsules).

When: until end of day February 14th

Link: https://droplette.io?sca_ref=689210.6BISA0R0Oc

Code: Use code BEMINE for 50% off Winterberry Red and Peony Pink Droplette devices. I have the Peony Pink and it is gorgeous!!

Link to my earlier content on Droplette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtU_jT3KuJ4,


FTC: ALL links in this post are affiliate. This means that if you shop through these links I will receive a commission. This is NOT a sponsored post. These are my favorites that I have reviewed many times. Thank you for supporting me and my content. Thank you so much for being my people!

* This article was originally published here


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