Benefit Is Coming for Your Pores With an Entire New Skincare Collection

Benefit Is Coming for Your Pores With an Entire New Skincare

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Those with visible pores know the power of Benefit’s Porefessional primers, the way they minimize the appearance of pores and make your makeup look smooth. The original version launched in 2010! But it’s a temporary solution. Well, Benefit wants to help you get those pores in check for good with the launch of an entirely new skincare line, the Pore Care Collection. First up, two masks, two cleansers, a toner, a moisturizer and a pore tool.

This isn’t actually Benefit’s first foray into skincare. There have been a few products over the years, such as Total Moisture Facial Cream ($42 at Benefit Cosmetics) and It’s Potent! Dark Circle Eye Cream ($34 at Benefit Cosmetics), which are still available. But these are the first skincare products dedicated to minimizing pores’ appearance, even without makeup. That’s thanks to ingredients such as celery, flax seed extracts, and mineral-rich kaolin clay and sea silt.

Will Benefit’s Pore Care replace your entire skincare collection? No, of course not. But when you’re dealing with uneven skin texture, clogged pores and the like, you’ll want to add in one of these products, below. They hit Benefit’s website (along with Ulta Beauty and Sephora) February 26 and stores March 1.

Benefit Cosmetics. deep retreat

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Deep Retreat

This pore-clearing clay mask promises a 12-hour mattifying effect thanks to mineral-rich kaolin clay, sea fennel extract and bisabolol.

Deep Retreat $39
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Benefit Cosmetics. tight n toned

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Tight ‘N Toned

Have you ever seen a foam toner?! Us either. It’s easy to use and features AHAs, PHAs, lemon extract and yuzu extract to minimize the appearance of pores.

Tight ‘N Toned $34
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Benefit Cosmetics. speedy smooth

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Speedy Smooth

This gel mask transforms to clay (and changes color!). Celery and flax seed extracts, hyaluronic acid, squalane and mineral-rich sea silt refine pores without drying out the skin.

Speedy Smooth $39
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Benefit Cosmetics. smooth sip

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Smooth Sip

This lightweight gel-cream moisturizer hydrates and refines texture with niacinamide, celery and flax seed extracts, squalane and aloe leaf juice.

Smooth Sip $44
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Benefit Cosmetics. mask wand

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional All-in-one mask wand

On one side is a silicone face mask applicator and the other side, a cleansing tool for easy removal.

All-in-one mask wand $20
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Benefit Cosmetics. good cleanup

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Good Cleanup

This foaming face wash uses lemon extract, yuzu extract and bisabolol to remove dirt, oil and impurities.

Good Cleanup $29
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Benefit Cosmetics. get unblokced

Benefit Cosmetics.

The POREfessional Get Unblocked

Melt away dirt, oil and makeup while unclogging pores with grape seed, jojoba seed, avocado oil, ceramide NP and bisabolol.

Get Unblocked $39
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