Free Printable: Bar Soap Testing Worksheet

Today is Kenna Cote’s Birthday so we’re celebrating her by giving YOU a gift (a free printable PDF download) from her most popular eClass – Formulating Soap Recipes!

If you want to improve your bar soap, you need a method for evaluating the qualities… otherwise known as Bar Soap Testing.

The information you’ll get from testing your soap is so valuable; as it gives you a way to talk about & quantify the soap you’re currently making. And, if needed, information for how to improve your soap. Many people just try different recipes randomly until they stumble on one they like. That’s like shooting an arrow in the dark.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a system for evaluating your soap?

That’s why Kenna created this Bar Soap Testing Worksheet. And, that’s why we’re sharing it with you today!

Use Kenna’s Bar Soap Testing Worksheet – Free Printable PDF to evaluate & rate any bar of soap from 1-5 on the following criteria:

  • Durability
  • Physical Hardness
  • Lather Amount
  • Type of Lather
  • Lather Feel
  • Cleansing Ability
  • Skin Feel

Plain soap in Lori’s bathroom

Once you know what you’d like to change about your bar of soap, you can start switching up the oils in your recipe. Each oil/fat has a fatty acid profile that impacts how the final soap turns out. To help you learn more about fatty acid profiles & other things that greatly impact bar soap formulation, Kenna created an amazing resource, offered exclusively through The Nova Studio, called the Formulating Soap Recipes Video eClass. It’s the best resource we’ve ever seen for anyone who wants to better understand all the components of changing or formulating soap recipes. Creating a soap recipe based on fatty acid profiles can take a lot of trial and error, and means diving into a little science, but it’s worth it to get your soap as perfect as you want it! And, Kenna’s eClass definitely shortens the time it will take from your first bar to your best bar.

Since it’s Kenna’s Birthday month, we’re offering a special of $10 off her Formulating Soap Recipes eClass when you enter code: HAPPYBIRTHDAYKENNA at checkout! Exp. 2/28/23.

If you’re not ready to dive into the fatty acid profiles of your soap, you can still download & use Kenna’s Free Bar Soap Testing Worksheet to gain some vocabulary & criteria around soap performance.

Other simple things you can do to improve the durability & physical hardness of your soap are curing it for longer & keeping it in a cool, dry place until it’s used.

You can also improve the lather of your soap by including an exfoliant in your next batch! Exfoliants help kick up lather faster, add visual appeal, and leave your hands feeling cleaner afterward.

We hope you’ll print & use Kenna’s Evaluating Bar Soap Free Worksheet to get started. And, when you’re ready for the next step, check out her Formulating Soap Recipes eClass to make your next batch of soap better than ever!

Feel free to wish Kenna a Happy Birthday in the comments.

Kenna Cote


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