Post-Treatment Maintenance: The Importance of Protecting Your Investment Tucson, AZ

Post-Treatment Maintenance: The Importance of Protecting
Your Investment Tucson, AZ

Want to get the most out of your treatments? We thought so! Which is why we’re here to tell you that aesthetic services like injectables and lasers are generally not a one-and-done endeavor. In fact, professional skin treatments are most effective with the addition of maintenance treatments and when paired with a proper skin care routine designed for your specific skin type and concerns. Medical-grade skin care products, specifically, can help enhance and prolong your aesthetic results when used in tandem with your treatments.

If you want to make good on your skin-investment, keep reading!


From IPL photofacial to fractional laser resurfacing, we offer an array of laser skin treatments suited to a variety of needs. Lasers are unique in the fact that they disrupt the skin in a controlled manner to stimulate a natural healing response that helps eliminate skin imperfections. Not to mention, lasers are notorious for triggering new collagen and elastin growth with each treatment you do, the building blocks for stronger, more supple, younger-looking skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce signs of aging, sun damage or scarring, you’ll likely need a series of sessions to achieve your best results. That also means time in between treatments for your skin to heal, which can be expedited with the at-home application of clinical skin care products at the recommendation of our skin care experts.


All your injectable needs can be met at Greenspring Medical Aesthetics. Within our menu, you’ll find a wide range of dermal fillers along with Botox®, Kybella®, non-surgical facelift and more. No matter which injectable treatment you choose, one of the best ways to protect your investment is with your pre- and post-care. With dermal fillers and Botox, for example, we recommend avoiding blood thinning-substances (alcohol and NSAIDS like aspirin) for up to a week before and after your session to reduce risk of bruising. You can also prolong your results by scheduling regular maintenance treatments, as the benefits of dermal fillers will fade between six to 12 months after treatment, and Botox results will only last between three and four months.

At-home skin care

EltaMD® sunscreen. Quality sun protection will help prevent further damage from occurring while your skin is healing from treatment. Greenspring offers a variety of EltaMD SPFs, including UV Shield SPF 45, a sheer, oil-free facial sunscreen designed for UVA/UVB protection.
SkinMedica® TNS Recovery Complex. To maximize your results, TNS Recovery Complex is a great collagen booster. This product can help reduce the appearance of age spots and visible fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a more youthful appearance.
SkinCeuticals® Post-Injectable System. Designed to help complement results between your injectable treatments, this three-product homecare regimen includes:
○ H.A. intensifier (30ml) helps amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels to improve the appearance of firmness, smoothness and facial plumpness.
○ C E Ferulic® (15ml) provides advanced environmental protection and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines.
○ Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 (50ml) provides broad spectrum protection with a weightless and transparent finish.

Post-treatment maintenance is the key to glowing skin! Learn more about getting your best results by calling (520) 529-9665 or filling out a consultation request form online today.

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