7 Fabulious Avocado Benefits for your Skin and Hair

7 Fabulious Avocado Benefits for your Skin and Hair

While I was reading about avocado benefits for skin and hair, the wide range of avocado benefits surprised me! It included nearly every part of your body and has many benefits to your beauty, too. So today, I want to share with you what I learned about avocado’s benefits for skin and hair.

AvocadoPhoto credit: The Primitive Foodie

Avocado is a fruit. Yes, you read it right, fruit! I thought that it was a vegetable until I started reading about it. Skin care products available in the market use it primarily in products for dry skin. It is also used for other skin types as well.

Avocado Benefits for your Skin and Hair. 1. High concentration of fibers

Whole avocado fruit contains 10 grams of fiber.

2. Contains vitamins C, E, K, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium.

Which makes avocado perfect for healthy skin. Being rich in vitamin E makes it a good source of antioxidants which is why it helps protect the skin from wrinkles and damage caused by the sun, smoke, and pollution.

3. 60% of the fat in avocado is monosaturated and it contains no cholesterol.

Monosaturated fats are heart-healthy. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that 0.5 to 1.5 avocado per day is the most effective way in lowering cholesterol without decreasing HDL (healthy) cholesterol. These unsaturated oils in avocado are in the second position after olive oil. Scientists believe that these healthy fats help to maintain the water level in your skin and supply the skin with the fats that keep the bricks and mortar of the skin healthy. This translates into less itchy, healthy-looking, glowing skin.

4.  Low level of carbohydrates.

That is why, ladies, you will not gain much weight when adding avocados to your diet!

5. Contains omega-3

Omega-3 is good for your joints, skin, vision, brain, and heart helps lower bad cholesterol levels, and even boosts fertility. Omega-3 is a well-known anti-ager and an anti-inflammatory. Adding avocado to your diet helps control acne.

6. Perfect moisturizer especially for dry skin.

Avocados act as humectants; that is, they draw water into the skin and plump it up, giving it a more youthful quality, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

7. Avocado gives you shiny hair.

Your hair needs proteins and healthy fat to keep it healthy and shiny and avocados are one of the good sources of healthy fats,omega-3, and biotins (vitamin B).

As you can see, avocados are rich in many natural beauty factors. And this makes it necessary to add it to your diet to get the advantage of all those avocado benefits. In my next post, I will be sharing with you some of the most delicious avocado recipes I have found online. Always remember that your skin and body need a healthy diet in addition to skincare products.




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