Six Proper Ways to Use Skin Treatments

Six Proper Ways to Use Skin Treatments

Article by Angela Smiths

Have you been suffering from acne ever since you can remember? Do you have that monthly breakouts or a predictable acne breakout when you feel stressed? Are you one of those people who have tried so many kinds of treatment that don’t work or have just ended up aggravating the skin condition? Is it because all those remedies and skin treatments you used were not effective or is it the way you have been using them?

Skin treatments

Although people may have the same skin problems like acne breakouts after sleepless nights, or during a monthly period, we must always remember that there are different skin types – and it’s not simply just oily skin or dry skin. There are also people with sensitive skin, dry sensitive skin, and oily sensitive skin. So how can you properly and effectively cure acne based on your skin type?

Knowing your skin type is probably the best way to know what to do in treating acne and other skin problems. Even when you use natural products like honey and citrus or high-end manufactured products like Lifecell, you will still experience problems or not see changes in your skin if you cannot use them properly. If you know the type of skin you have, you will also know what to avoid using, what to use, and how to use them.

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Listed below are the proper ways to use and facilitate the common skin treatments: 1. Always Go with a Gentle Cleanser.

Cleansers that are too strong can rip off your skin with moisture and its natural pH levels. When this happens your skin will react to produce more oil and thus have a higher tendency of forming pimples. What you should do is use a gentle cleanser and use it every morning and evening with a toner and a moisturizer. The toner will remove the residual dirt and oil while the moisturizer will restore the natural moisture requirement of the skin. Moisturizers also vary based on the type of skin. If you have oily skin, choose a lower level of moisturizer.

2. Know When to Exfoliate.

The process of exfoliation is done to remove the dead skin cells that prevent the regeneration of healthy skin cells and clog the pores that result in pimples. If you exfoliate on a regular basis do it only after several months when there are little or no pimples on the skin and not weekly or every other day. If you exfoliate too much using a harsh scrub, you may spread the bacteria from the present acne and increase the inflammation of the skin.

3. Use a Clean and Gentle Washcloth.

Most skin experts would say just buy a new washcloth every time to prevent the spread of bacteria but since this may not sound economical for most people, just remember to wash and sanitize them properly. Use hot water in washing them and make sure they dry properly under the sun. A washcloth is best used to remove white and blackheads instead of scrubs.

4. Use Topical Solutions with Precaution.

Just like cleansers and moisturizers, topical solutions should be based on skin type. Retinoids, for example, are one of the best-prescribed solutions for treating acne. In order to avoid irritating sensitive skin, always ask for the lowest dose and gradually increase it if you can with guidance from your dermatologist.

5. Avoid Skin Products that Contain Ingredients that can Clog the Pores.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Just avoid products with sodium lauryl sulfate, isopropyl palmitate, Laureth-4, and octyl stearate.

6. Use Less Invasive High-Tech Treatments.

When you go to your dermatologists for help, ask them if they have the less invasive acne treatment like LED Light therapy facials instead of the traditional treatments where they prick the pimples one by one and apply certain creams.

Angela owns a skin care clinic and has been dealing with clients who complain of several acne and aging problems, for over eight years, with some who already used a dozen treatment products. If you wish to consult Angela for your skin problems.

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