Eminem Opposes Trademark of “Relatively Shady” Podcast From 2 “Real Housewives”

Eminem Opposes Trademark of “Relatively Shady” Podcast From 2 “Real Housewives”

Eminem has filed a trademark opposition against the “Relatively Shady” podcast trademark from two Real Housewives of Potomac stars.

According to HotNewHipHop, the Real Housewives already have a podcast called “Reasonably Shady,” but the trademark they filed for was “Relatively Shady.”

However, Eminem already trademarked the similar “Slim Shady” eons ago, so he moved to block the Housewives’ trademark.

The two Real Housewives, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon, run the relationship-based podcast and filed to trademark the name in February 2022.

Eminem’s Case Against The Housewives EminemPhoto credit: Facebook – Eminem

For the Detroit rapper’s trademark opposition to count, he must show that a regular person will likely confuse “Relatively Shady” for something he’s behind.

The rapper stated as much in his opposition request.

However, Slim Shady has a significant challenge ahead as similar trademarks already exist, including:

  • Shady Baby
  • Stay Shady
  • Super Shady

HotNewHipHop further reported that in Eminems’ opposition, he believed the “Relatively Shady” trademark would dilute his Slim Shady moniker.

In addition, the rapper believed that “Relatively Shady” would remind people of Eminem and act as free promotion for the two Housewives.

The Reasonably Shady Podcast Already Has Traction EminemPhoto credit: People

The Real Housewives’ podcast already has a following of 43,000 and growing on Instagram, and over 5 million downloads in under two years.

The Housewives won’t want to lose their trademark, so they have until March 26 to respond to Eminem’s trademark opposition request.

If Gizelle and Robyn don’t respond by that date, their chances of securing the trademark will be significantly more challenging.



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However, if they challenge the award-winning rapper, they will have a fighting chance as they head to to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to present their case.

The ball is firmly in the Real Housewives’ court.

Will they challenge the rapper or let him have his way and find another name for their growing podcast?

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here

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