The 6 Best Ways to Manage Thick Hair

The 6 Best Ways to Manage Thick Hair

1. Hydration Is Priority Number One

If you have thick hair, you likely know that your hair needs a lot more hydration than other hair types. But you still might not be hydrating enough. Thick hair needs significantly more moisture to stay healthy. And not just any hydration but a routine that involves frequent treatments with high quality, all-natural oils and nutrients that help lock moisture in, from root to tip. 

A great approach is to explore custom products made specifically for your hair type. With Prose, you can create a Custom Hair Oil made just for you. Free of parabens, sulfates and other harmful chemicals, our rejuvenating oils are the first line of defense for protecting thick hair. 

 2. Believe in Leave-Ins

Leave-in conditioners are mega amplifiers for thick hair hydration. Products made with natural oils coconut, argan or babassu will become you and your hair’s new best friends. Moderate usage will keep your hair nourished and frizz-free and set you up for super-fast detangling sessions. In fact, if your hair is both thick and moderately long, leave-ins should never leave your routine.

3. Wash and Dry With Care

Beautiful as it is, thick hair is temperamental. Even with a good routine, a misstep can leave your mane frizzing for the day. So, there are a few ground rules you should establish for your hair when it comes to washing and drying.

For starters, avoid washing your hair daily to help your hair balance its natural oils. Frequent washing can strip your hair of important minerals your scalp produces naturally, and even the best hydration treatment won’t help much. And when you do wash, show your hair you care by lowering the heat. Lukewarm water is good, but the cooler the better. 

As for drying your locks, the same rule applies — the cooler the better. Don’t rub and knead your hair with a dry towel, or you could end up damaging it. A soft cotton T-shirt or similar material wrapped loosely around your head is the healthiest hair option.

4. Hang Up the Dryers

Naturally, thick hair takes a good while to get dry, especially if you’re going about it healthily. When you do need to use a hair dryer or flat iron, moderate or low heat settings for a very short time can be just as effective for styling as high heat. Not to mention, it’s far less likely to cause serious damage to your hair. And if you do plan on using heat to style, use a thermal protector to keep damage to a minimum. 

5. Avoid Too-Tight Hairstyles

Those with thick hair likely know that a small amount of product like a pomade, gel or spray can go a long way. But if you’re someone that likes to change your style frequently, consider a bias toward hair freedom. Thick hair is most healthy when it’s loosely styled and retains its ability to move freely and express itself. For example, when you’re putting your hair in a bun, layer it so you don’t have to tie it too tightly.

6. A Layered Haircut Can Lighten the Load

If you want a break from your usual mane of hair, you might consider a trip to the stylist for a layered cut. Getting your hair layered reduces volume, and the asymmetry in the length of hair adds even more lightness to your volume. But don’t cut your thick strands on a whim.

Thick hair, though not uncommon, can be complicated for some stylists. Be sure you’re only letting a trusted professional take sharp objects to your hair. Though you may need to lighten the load every now and then, someone that works with thick hair types can set you and your hair up for success as it grows back.

How to Manage Thick Hair With Custom Hair Care Products From Prose

Now that you know what it takes to properly care for your enviously thick hair, start thinking about what your new haircare routine should include. If you want a little guidance, Prose is here to help with a custom consultation. You’ll answer a few simple questions about your hair, goals, lifestyle and environment, and Prose will create solutions made specifically for you and the hair you’d love to have.


Think of us as your partner in haircare. Start with our innovative consultation.

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