More Hydration, Less Redness

More Hydration, Less Redness

Do you feel like your skin is extra dry, red, or irritated this month? It’s likely a result of months of shocking your skin from transitioning from cold, dry weather outside, to hot, even dryer heat from our heaters inside. No wonder! 

Joanna estimates that a full 85% of her clients have sensitive skin. That sensitivity may reveal itself as break-outs, redness, rosacea, or dry flaky skin. Many assume that skin sensitivity is reserved for fair skin, but that’s not the case at all. Joanna has found that more melanin-rich skin tones can actually be more sensitive than lighter skin tones. And this time of year makes it extra hard for sensitive skin to remain happy, hydrated and calm.

As a solution, our estheticians are recommending the SuperNova Facial to assist with weather-related skincare concerns. This treatment will replenish your skin’s moisture, reduce the look of redness and irritation, and smooth out imperfections in each 60 minute facial. 

Each SuperNova Facial treatment includes:

  • A hydrating gold mask
  • Joanna’s signature oxygen treatment
  • Cooling cryo-globes (LA) or cryotherapy device (NYC)
  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The results speak for themselves. It’s like an instagram filter for your face. Because it’s crafted for even the most sensitive skin, there’s no downtime and it’s pain-free.

Book in NYC or LA!

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