This Minimalist French Skincare Brand Is About to Blow Up in the U.S. — Here’s Everything Worth Buying

This Minimalist French Skincare Brand Is About to Blow Up in
the U.S. — Here’s Everything Worth Buying

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As I get older, the more I get into no-makeup makeup. You know, the barely-there look that lets you appear refreshed and awake without looking weighed down. No-makeup makeup is basically the American way to describe everyday French beauty, and all it requires is a mix of skincare and minimalist beauty products to achieve the look. It’s the easiest way to feel like you just stepped off of the streets in Paris without ever having to leave town and I for one, have been hooked ever since I got my hands on a few products from Typology.

Typology is the minimalist skincare brand born in Paris, France that has finally landed stateside. It’s kind of like The Ordinary in the sense that both brands use minimal ingredients to achieve powerful skincare results. But Typology is like its cool, French older sister that’s about to show you a whole new way of life. The brand has long been a best-seller in France, and now that it’s available in the U.S., it’s about to be everywhere. Stick with me and I’ll show you what products to grab so you can be ahead of the trend. And trust me, your skin will thank you for it.



Courtesy of Typology.

Tinted Lip Oil in Powder Pink

Unlike a gloss, which is sticky, or a stick balm, which never feels thick or moisturizing enough, this lip oil is the perfect hybrid. Once it’s on it makes your lips feel like it’s comfortably cloaked in moisture. And the barely-there color gives my lips the perfect shade that makes it look like I’m not wearing any color at all. I’m rocking the powder pink shade in the main image of this article.

Tinted Lip Oil in Powder Pink $26.90
Buy Now
Tinted Serum

Courtesy of Typology.

Tinted Serum

I freaked out when I saw that the website advertises a Yuka score of 90/100 for this tint. I run literally everything I put on my skin in the Yuka app. If you’re not familiar, it’s an app that lets you scan bar codes and see how safe the product is for your skin or human consumption. The fact that it scores a 90 Yuka score is seriously unheard of. That means you’re putting mostly natural ingredients on your skin that won’t harm it in the moment or over time.

This skin tint is so good, it’s perfect for no-makeup makeup days and whenever you want glass skin perfection a la Hailey Bieber (which is, you know, every day). The sheer tint is perfect to cover up any slight redness or discoloration, and it even went perfectly over the pores in my nose to create a flawless filter effect. I’m wearing Type 1 in fair.

Tinted Serum $39.90
Buy Now
Radiance Serumwith 11% Vitamin C

Courtesy of Typology.

Radiance Serum with 11% Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum is like super-booster for you skin and layers perfectly under SPF. It can help brighten the skin over time and provides a protective shield against environmental stressors the skin faces each day. It has a vegan formula, scores a 100 out of 100 on Yuka and only contains vitamin C and albizia julibrissin extract. I’m obsessed!

Radiance Serumwith 11% Vitamin C $37.90
Buy Now
Purifying Night SerumBotanical Blend With Peony

Courtesy of Typology.

Purifying Night Serum Botanical Blend With Peony

IDK how they do it, but I’ve never used an oil that absorbs so well without lingering as a greasy mess on the skin’s surface. I love to pat this on at night and put the excess product on the back of my hands. All French girls know not to ignore the backs of their hands when it comes to skincare. The skin there is some of the thinnest on your body and it’s always exposed to the sun.

Purifying Night Serum Botanical Blend… $63.50
Buy Now
9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer

Courtesy of Typology.

9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer

Okay my favorite thing about this moisturizer besides the fact that it only has nine ingredients (seriously, how?) is that it comes in a long slender tube which makes it perfect for traveling. It perfectly slips into any makeup bag or the side pocket of your carry-on so your skin can stay hydrated and soft on even the longest, most dehydrating flights.

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