Woolino Sleep Sack Review

After 4 babies, I have found a sleep sack I love and am sharing my Woolino Sleep Sack Review! I have really taken the quality of clothing, bedding and other fabric materials much more seriously in the past couple years. One you know how many toxins they can carry with them, it’s hard to ignore!

That includes not just clothing, but also the sleep sack I prefer for my baby to use. Since they can’t have a blanket for safety purposes, this is the next best way to keep them warm. And, if they are getting the recommended amount of the sleep they need – which varies by age – they could be wearing this sleep sack for upwards of 12-15 hours per day depending on their age!

All the more important to have a great quality, breathable and nontoxic option. And that is where Woolino steps in!

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The Woolino brand was founded by a mom who was looking for solutions for her baby!

About Woolino

Woolino was founded by a mother that wanted two very simple yet hard to find things for her first baby while sleeping:

  • Comfort
  • Safety

That meant no loose blankets for her baby and a fabric that would prevent overheating. 

While there were many sleep sacks on the market to keep baby safe, the ones available weren’t made of materials that she felt good about. Either they were made of synthetic materials that would cause potential overheating or they were made of cotton, which didn’t keep baby warm enough in the cooler months.

She was familiar with merino wool from her experiences as an outdoors person and knew that had to be the solution! However, there was nothing like it on the market. 

So what’s a mom to do when she can’t find what she needs? She created her own sleep sack made of merino wool. News quickly spread and the Woolino Sleep Sack became a best seller and the number one rated sleep sack on Amazon – a title that it still holds!

And since then the Woolino brand offers so much more than the original sleep sack. This includes swaddling blankets, pajamas, bodysuits and more!

Why Use A Sleep Sack?

While there are a variety of recommendations made to keep baby safe while sleeping, I am going to focus on one particular recommendation for this post. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that parents should:

Keep loose blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, bumpers, and other soft items out of the sleep space. 

But then the question of comfort comes in. Without blankets they may get too cool and that can create an endless night of wakings – not good for the parents or the baby.

So a sleep sack is the solution! Choosing one of these will keep your baby safe AND comfortable…if it’s made of the right materials.

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Merino wool is so soft!

Why Use A Sleep Sack Made Of Wool?

When you hear of a wool sleep sack, the first thought that may come to mind is that it would be scratchy and uncomfortable for the baby. This is NOT true! And here are a few reasons why you would want to choose merino wool over other materials:

  • It’s natural – nothing synthetic!
  • It is soft – unlike traditional wools.
  • Helps to regulate body temperature, meaning a wool sleep sack can be worn in the cool months AND the warmer months. It’s ideal that they are worn in room temperatures that range from 63-75 degrees F.
  • It’s fire resistant without any added chemicals.
  • Naturally antibacterial and odor resistant.
  • Naturally stain resistant and static resistant (picks up less dust from the air).

Features Of The Ultimate Woolino Sleep Sack

I am going to dive in deep to the features of the Woolino Sleep Sack before sharing my review so you can understand what makes it so unique.

  1. Made of natural materials: Like I have mentioned it is made of an inner merino wool lining and an organic cotton outer layer.
  2. Universal Sizing: This sleep sack works from age 2 months up to 2 years – so no need to buy multiple different sized sleep sacks.
  3. Uses practicality in its design: Features shoulder snaps, underarm snaps and a two way zipper. This allows parents to change a sleeping baby without too much disturbance. You can also open just the bottom of the sleep sack for an easy nighttime diaper change.
  4. Machine washable: Always a must with anything my kids will be wearing.
  5. Travel Slot: Allows for ease of moving a sleeping baby from a car seat or stroller to their crib with very little disturbance.

Basic Vs Ultimate Woolino Sleep Sack

These two sleep sacks are similar in that they have the same merino wool on the inside and organic cotton on the outside. Here is what makes them different:

  • The Ultimate comes in the universal sizing (2 months – 2 years) while the Basic comes in traditional sizes (0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months)
  • The Ultimate comes with shoulder snaps, underarm snaps and a travel slot while the Basic comes with a more simple design (no snaps or travel slot).
  • The Ultimate’s price tag is higher than the Basics because of the added features.

The placement of the zipper allows for easy diaper changes at night.

Woolino’s Universal Sizing

The universal sizing offered by the Ultimate Woolino Sleep Sack is worth looking a little closer at. It’s the quality of the sleep sack along with the universal sizing that sold me. With being able to offer this type of product that grows with a child, that means I won’t have to buy another sleep sack! It’s a bigger investment up front, but in the long run you could potentially spend less.

You will want to start using the Woolino Sleep Sack when your baby fits the minimum size (23 inches and 10 pounds). This equates to approximately 2 months old. A good time to consider a sleep sack is also when the baby starts breaking free of their swaddle. The underarm snaps will allow you to fit the sleep sack to a smaller baby.

Woolino’s Pricing

Price will vary based on which model of the Woolino Sleep Sack you choose and which size. 

Here is a chart to help you compare pricing:

Basic Size Price
0-6 months $74.99
6-18 months $89.99
18-36 months $104.99
Ultimate Size
2 months – 2 years
2 years – 4 years $124.99
4 years – 6 years $124.99

What I Put On My Child To Wear Under The Sleep Sack

Woolino recommends that your child wear pajamas made of natural fibers under their sleep sack. This would include organic cotton or merino wool.  I put my daughter in her regular cotton or organic cotton pajamas.  I find this keeps her perfectly warm while wearing the Woolino Sleep Sack.

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Just one sleep sack from Woolino will last my daughter through age 2 – making it well worth the price!

Woolino Sleep Sack Review

I was so excited when I first found the Woolino Sleep Sack!  I had been searching for something to use to keep my daughter warm, but that wasn’t a blanket.  I also wanted to make sure it was made with safe materials since it would be so close to her.  When I stumbled upon the Woolino Sleep Sack I knew I had found something special!

I love that it’s made with a sustainable fabric like wool.  Not only is it breathable, but doesn’t contain synthetic fibers that can cause overheating or contain microplastics.  My daughter has slept so well in this!  I love that as she’s gotten older it can grow with her.  She keeps it on during the night and can still easily move around. 

When I take it off of her in the morning she is warm- even her feet!  I love knowing that she’s not chilled throughout the night.  It’s easy to wash too!  I can’t recommend it enough if you’ve been looking for a sustainable sleep sack solution to keep your baby warm during the night as well.

Conclusion: Has The Woolino Sleep Sack Been Worth The Price?

The Woolino Sleep Sack is totally worth the price! It is spendier than other sleep sacks, however it literally lasts them through the age of 2!  Most sleep sacks you have to purchase a new sleep sack every 6 months, but not with The Woolino Sleep Sack. This one also would be great to pass down to other children too or relatives.

Get It Here!

What’s your favorite sleep sack for your little one?

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